Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900

Автор: Thomas Michael
Редактор: George S. Cuhaj
Издательство: Krause Publications
ISBN 9780896899407; 2009 г

Еще один справочник от Krause Publications. В него вошли монеты выпущенные в 1801-1900 годах. Эта книга должна быть у каждого нумизмата!

«Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900» is an all-in-one guide to 19th century coins from around the globe, and an essential resource for being competitive in today’s coin collecting market-bolstered by strong precious metals prices. It provides collectors with up-to-date market prices for coins in five different condition grades, and features 27,500 actual-size photos of coins to aid in proper identification. This book offers confidence in collecting through comprehensive coverage.

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